Bourbon and cigars go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or at least we think so! So we decided to try a little something new.

Many times we get asked what a good, "pairing" may be. So many times we say have a 'what-ever' cigar with a 'generic description' bourbon! Instead we wanted to every few months give a specific pair for you to try out!

Better than that, a few of us will gather, open a brand new bottle of said bourbon, and smoke a new cigar, all for the first time. Then on top of that, we will record our entire evening. That recording will then go to a podcast that you can listen to. Go buy the bourbon, and grab the specific cigar, then enjoy as you listen to the podcast. Essentially you will be right there with us! 

Currently IN PROGRESS, but when the first one drops you'll be able to click the picture to the right for the link!