SPOILER : Will it spark your interest?

Spoiler Alert!!

I’m going to do something that I NEVER do! I am going to tell you all about a cigar… But it’s a cigar that the club has not gotten yet! This glorious cigar will be passed out to the club members this Wednesday at our regular meet up. Normally I hold this information close and sometimes not even the club VP will get to know ahead of time. But I figured, let’s shake things up and see if this will spark your interest!

The Firecracker.

You heard me correct, a cigar that just by its name sounds like its bound to be interesting. Even cooler than the name, is its shape. It’s a little corojo cigar measuring at just 3x50. Only 3 inches long… go ahead, crack a joke. This is your time lol.

The cigar is super unique, it is made to look like a small firecracker, you would light then throw. The cap of the cigar is about 2 inches long that is twisted to look like a fuse that needs to be lit. The foot is closed giving it a very ‘fireworks-esk” appearance. The fuse portion of the cigar is even flipped over and tucked underneath the band, as if you were about to rip it open and light it up.

However, even though this little guy is super small, don’t let appearances fool you! This is a Nicaraguan Puro. That means all tobacco, from the filler to the wrapper is Nicaraguan. They produce some pretty potent stuff. They claim this is a super strong cigar, but I’ll be the judge of that. Lately when a small cigar boasts about being strong, I am a little hesitant. Only because I have had plenty of cigars in the past year that claimed strength but came out as mediocre at best.

The production of these cigars have been a staple to the Davidoff label since 2006. But this year (2021) they decided to rebrand the label and give it a new look with a classic American eagle. So the cigar the club is getting, is technically vintage since they don’t make those bands anymore.

Anyways into the smoking portion! I gave it a deep v-cut, and try a cold draw. I know it will be a tight draw because the foot is still closed. I honestly don’t taste much. It is pretty mellow without any major flavor profiles making an appearance. And when I saw mellow, I mean it. I tried a second draw in case I was missing something but I have nothing… not even a hint of plain ole’ tobacco.

Light this fire cracker up.


This thing fires off quick and hard! You know when you try to light a firecracker and it doesn’t want to light? Then when it finally does, it catches you off guard and almost burns your hand!? Yah, that’s how this was lol. Immediately I get a plethora of spices and woods. The spices are so powerful that it almost made me cough. That’s what I get for not being on my game and getting too comfortable. Gotta be careful when playing with hot fiery stuff I guess?

About one third into it and the ash holds super strong. I have a perfect burn line with not a single touch up needed. On the retrohale I capture more spice and a slightly charred lumber… maybe cedar? It’s honestly hard for even me to tell! But it sure is super flavorful.

About two thirds into it, I decide to cleanse my pallet with some water and get a clean draw. Lets see if it changed any. I’d say it was pretty consistent, but you can’t expect too much from a cigar that’s only 3 inches long. Some of the spice has mellowed down, with a musty leather making an effort to pop through.

As I get into my final third I decide to purge it, and see what comes through. I didn’t get any flames on the purge, and flavor wise it didn’t change much. But now as I write this, that makes sense… The cigar hasn’t had tons of tobacco burning to create any soot that needs to be cleansed off. Not disappointed, now that it clicks.

With tons of smoke, a super clean burn, and a spice that will remind you an hour later, I still feel the effects of the Firecracker. I’m a little light headed and can feel the strong Nicaraguan tobacco putting me on my butt.

So if you decided to read this spoiler and are planning to smoke a Firecracker, maybe do a couple of things to make it an enjoyable experience.

1. Don’t let it surprise you. It will catch you off guard on that first draw and those spices will burn those nostril hairs!

2. Sit down when playing with fire… Because by the end you’ll be on your butt anyways.

3. Pair this with something sweet like lemonade, sweet tea, or a cream soda.

This Firecracker was not what I was expecting, but definitely what I wanted.

P.S. If you’re an Executive Club Member, and are reading this, congrats! Send me a private text message (not group) of a picture of some fireworks. If less than three people message me, I have a special cigar for you at our next meet. If more than three it will still be a cigar, just not as special. So mum’s the word!

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