Sometimes, You Can Be TOO Unique

When you think of Jamaica, I’m sure you think of some other smoke-worthy leaf that is currently highly debated in the U.S. But what if I told you they also grow tobacco there? In all reality it shouldn’t be that shocking. Jamaica is a Caribbean island just like Cuba. Now, I am by no means saying that makes them similar in any way, just saying the climate is there for it.

Anyway, I feel like I’m rambling and disorganized so far. I’m going to blame this cigar for that because it left me quite baffled.

To start off, let’s learn a little about The Upsetters cigar. It comes in a variety of sizes but all of them are wrapped in a beautiful candela leaf and are filled with a Nicaraguan blend. What makes this cigar stand out though is its use of the Jamaican Cow Tongue Leaf. No other cigar on the market claims to use it so it’s kind of their claim to fame. It is a leaf solely grown in Jamaica and is shaped like a cow’s tongue, believe it or not.

Not only does The Upsetter get a fancy leaf to its resume but it also gets infused through a process called “Caribbean atmospheric herbal fusion.” This process give the cigar an incredibly unique flavor. What exactly is this process? Your guess is as good as mine. I tried and tried and couldn’t find anything that really explained what it was.

Now simply going off the uniqueness The Upsetters uses in its construction, it sounds like a cigar that is right up the Club’s alley. However, none of the Club members particularly enjoyed it, myself included.

To begin, The Upsetters smells like straight up potpourri when you take it out of the cellophane. Sure that is unique but it’s not exactly the most pleasant thing in the world, and certainly not a smell you expect from a cigar. According to the Second Lady of the Club, she said it smelled like an “old man.” From the get-go I am skeptical about this smoke. But, in the spirit of adventure and cigar experimentation, I trudge on. After all, it could just be a weird smell and the cigar could be spectacular.

Well it wasn’t exactly.

Right off the bat the flavor isn’t too bad. It reminds me of honey and herbal tea. Definitely not what I expected but then again, I didn’t know really what to expect from a cigar that smells like my grandma’s house.

While the flavor profile isn’t bad at this point, the “unique” smell is still at the forefront. In fact, as I’m smoking outside I get a text from the Second Lady and she says she can smell it from inside the house. Out of curiosity I ask her what she smells, and to my surprise she nails the description perfectly. She says it smells like a shop that sells crystals.

Now, I know you’re going to say that is a terrible description but take a second and think about it. Think about what a shop would smell like on some Caribbean island where this witch-looking woman is selling spiritual crystals and holistic medicines. See? That is a distinct smell and I know you thought of it the same way I did.

As I get towards the band of The Upsetters, things take a turn. The sweet herbal tea flavor I was getting has seemed to gone sour. Now it tastes like bitter, over-steeped tea that someone tried to save by adding a bunch of herbal essences to it. Needless to say, it is not great. I try to push through and think maybe this is just a bad spot in the tobacco or something. Maybe this spot didn’t get the full Caribbean atmospheric herbal fusion.


It just tastes the same.

This marks a first for me. I could not finish a cigar I was writing a review over. I tried to like it. I really did. I thought “surely those other Club members are being too picky, it can’t be that bad.” But it was.

Now, with that being said. I’m not going to draw a line in the sand and tell you not to go buy this cigar. Everybody has a different palate and everybody likes different things. The Upsetters just missed the mark for the Club’s palate but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t like it. Maybe those flavors are appealing to you, or maybe you just want to try something that’s totally out there and different from a traditional cigar. Either way, the decision is on you.

I’ll leave you all with this quick recap though. Would I ever smoke one again? That is a hard “no” from me.

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