(M)X Gon' Give it 2 Ya

So, first thing first I should probably explain the weird title. This review is about the CAO MX2. Me being the obvious genius wordsmith that I am, came up with that title. Clever right?

Anyway, on to the cigar. The first thing I’m sure you’re thinking is where did they come up with that name? Most cigars names have somewhat of a meaning behind them and CAO sticks especially. They’ve got the flathead (named after and engine), the Pilon (named after a step in the cigar process), and the Brasil (obviously named because of Brazilian tobacco). So where did they get “MX2?”

Well the answer is actually rather straightforward. It is because the MX2 is a double Maduro cigar. Maduro x 2 = MX2. That in and of itself isn’t too crazy, a lot of cigars are double or even triple Maduros. But what makes the MX2 unique is where they used the leaves. If you have some cigar knowledge, or you read one of my previous articles, then you know cigars are typically made with a wrapper surrounding a binder which holds in the filler. Pretty simple stuff. Well what CAO did was took 2 Maduro wrappers and shoved the filler inside. So instead of using a binder leaf, the MX2 is actually 2 WRAPPER leaves holding everything together.

This is important for a couple reasons. For one thing, it is different and unique. But, the more important factor is in the flavoring.

Cigars get the vast majority of their flavor from the wrapper leaf. So having 2 wrapper leaves gives twice the flavor! Now you may be thinking “but I don’t want 2 Maduro wrappers on my cigar, that’s going to be too strong and nasty.” That is where you’re wrong though.

The MX2 is by no means a light cigar but it also isn’t extremely full-bodied. It is a comfortable medium, just with some more pronounced flavors. Those flavors are the typical ones you’d expect form a Maduro. Black coffee, raw cocoa, earthiness. But these are delivered in such a non-typical way. Being CAO, the MX2 is crafted perfectly so you get a nice long, slow, and even burn throughout the whole smoke. The lack of a binder doesn’t compromise the integrity at all. The MX2 finishes up with a bit of creaminess but nothing like an infused or lighter cigar. It’s like putting that perfect splash of creamer in your coffee to enhance it, but not overwhelm the original flavor.

The MX2 isn’t incredibly widely produced yet but they aren’t limited edition or anything so keep an eye out for one at your local shop and be sure to grab one before someone else does.

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