King to C8: Checkmate - Box Pressed Rebellion Cigar Review

Raise your hand if you've ever played chess... Or are you the, "Chess is too complicated. I'll just play checkers." kind of person?

I don't remember when I exactly learned to play chess, but I do have fond memories of playing chess. I would get upset because my dad would always checkmate me is so few moves. When the internet came around, I tried looking up the best (and mostly quickest) ways to checkmate someone.

Now I am no pro, but I like to think I can put up a pretty good fight in a game of chess. Unfortunately not many people know how to play! If you don't know, you can still look cool smoking this cigar. If you do know how to play, what better cigar to smoke while playing, than a Box Pressed Rebellion by American Viking Cigars.

Youtuber and cigar afficionado Tim Swanson wanted his own line of cigars. Working for a large cigar manufacturer/shipper, he wanted more. So he left, created his own YouTube channel called Cigars Daily, and opened up a shop. He prides himself and his group of people in providing the best deals of cigars online, with fast shipping, and great customer service. I admit I haven't ordered much from his shop, but when I learned he was starting up another company to produce his own line of cigars, my interest was peaked.

So I got online and ordered a sampler pack that included each of his cigars that he had produced. He works with a cigar manufacturer out of Nicaragua but he won't confirm/deny who. However if I was a betting man I would say it is with the Plasencia organization, because back in 2019 Tim went to Nicaragua and had an extensive tour of their farm. It was shortly after that he mentioned he was producing his own line of cigars. But who knows, maybe he'll read this and reach out to me.

Anyways, when I saw that this particular cigar had a chess piece on it, I was hooked. the band has an extremely clean black, red and silver king piece. As the most important piece in chess, no surprise that thats the one they chose. The cigar is a Nicaraguan puro, and has a gorgeous habana maduro wrapper on it. Smooth from cap to foot, and is a rich dark brown color. Box pressed, it still has slightly rounded corners. When I smoke a boxed press, I like rough edges so it can't roll around. Not this guy... hmm that's a red flag in my book.

I give it a cut and immediately notice a tight draw. Usually a red flag, but I decide to give it a fair chance. The cold draw provides a slight chocolate hint but not much of anything else. Once again, thats another red flag...

I light this sucker up and I get hints of dark chocolate. Not sweet chocolate, but just the rich cocoa flavor in a tart chocolate bar. As I blow the smoke out, I catch bits of almond or cashew nuts. With each draw the flavor is consistent but with mainly profiles of chocolate. There wasn't much complexity, which once again... is a red flag. This cigar isn't living up to the hype I thought it would be.

I can taste leather, but not the kind that makes you think of a recently worn motorcycle vest leather. It's more the residual leather smell and taste you get when you walk into a leather shop. I can picture the 70 year old leather worker now, working the leather to get the shape he wants. All while of course wearing his cowboy boots. Its a full body cigar, presenting me with earth hints. By this point I am wrapping up the first third. I can see the cigar's king falling into place for me to win this battle. It's right where I want it to be. Viewing the cigar as my opponent, this is the turning point when you just know that you're going to be the victor.

Now as I progress into the second third of the cigar I see what's happening. I got caught in a trap. I thought I knew what I was doing, I am an avid cigar smoker right? Shoot, I'm a decent chess player too! I fell into a trap. I was so focused on the cigars first third, I didn't expect much more to come out of the rest of the cigar.

Boom. Minerals, burn't cedar, recently ground coffee beans, and heavy smoke rolling off both ends of the cigar. It became complex, unique and sneaky. The draw on the cigar doesn't give me much smoke, but the cigar smokes heavy as if it was laughing in my face. I can't even really taste the smoke in my mouth? I can only catch it as it leaves my mouth, once again play games with me.

The ash is super brittle, not wanting to hang around often. It forces me to pay close attention, never letting me lower my guard.

On my retro hale I get one of my all time favorite tastes. Campfire. But its not the campfire smoke you get when sitting by the fire. It's the smell and taste of the smoke rolling off of warm embers the next morning.

I get a slight sweetness, and a cherry wood blast. Mix that with some cinnamon smelling smoke, and I was caught off guard. I had already made it into the last third, almost to the point of burning my mouth.

This cigar snuck up on me. I was cocky, thinking I knew what I was doing. I saw signs and flags, so I prepared my palette for it. But little did I know that this cigar had tricks up its sleeve. It was preparing to surprise me and take my king... to win the match.

And just like that, King to C8, checkmate.

Next time I'll be better prepared, because this cigars a fantastic one. It may have won today, but next time... I'll be the one saying checkmate.

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