2021 Circle City Cigar Club State of the Club Letter

Dear fellow cigar lovers. It’s a new year, thank God. However we know that just because it is a new year, that doesn’t mean that all of last years problems have magically disappeared. What it does mean however is that we can have a fresh start on other things. So this year I want to start something new. Every year we (Club Vice President and I) want to sit down to formally address what we plan to do with the club this year.

So many people invest time, effort, and money in Circle City Cigar Club. We want to be transparent about what we have planned for the year. Now we aren’t giving away ALL of our secrets, just some the public things we have in the works to make this year with the club even better! So without further due, here is the “un-official official letter.”

Circle City Cigar Club Members,

The Vice President of the Club and I have addressed some things we hope to bring to life this year. Over the past 1 1/2 years we have held our club at capacity, grown in followers and friends, and of course held some fantastic events. However as we continue to look forward it is starting to get to the point where we want to do more. We want to reach more people, and continue to grow the amazing cigar community from our home base here in the ‘Circle City,' Indianapolis.

The following are some of our main goals we wish to accomplish.

1. Better In-depth Articles. For the most part we have held true to publishing one cigar related article to the website every week. This year we plan to take it up a notch. Our articles are going to be more in-depth. We want to cover more aspects of cigar life and culture. Future articles will cover things such as complete cigar reviews with cigar ratings to compare with other cigars we smoke. We plan to go over great cigar and alcohol pairings such as bourbon by partnering up with some unique individuals and groups that focus on bourbon. We want to take a close look at cigar culture while imparting knowledge to those that may be new to the art. Finally we will cover cigar news that many smokers may not be aware of! We want to give you something fantastic to sit down and read while you enjoy your favorite smoke during the week.

2. Cigar and Bourbon Pairings. I mentioned this in number one. We all know that a cigar is great to be paired with a glass of bourbon. Although we love most alcoholic drinks, we really enjoy bourbon with our cigars the most. We have some people that we would like to call experts in the field of bourbon. So on a semi-often basis we plan to discuss some f our favorite bourbons to pair certain cigars with. Some of these pairings will be covered in our weekly articles. Some of them will be special stand-alone articles that will get released periodically. There is a lot to cover here, but I don’t want to give too much away so you will have to wait and see what I am talking about!

3. New Updated Website. Shortly after we created the club, we created the website. It was a home base for us to release info, post articles and share what we love. Now we feel it is time to get a make over. So in the coming weeks, you will notice that the website will be down for maintenance. We plan on upgrading it so that you can find things easier. As we mainstream the site, we also will be adding new things to the page for readers to enjoy. This is a huge undertaking and takes some time so you will have to be patient with us. But in the end, the final results hopefully will make it a more pleasurable experience!

4. Old Cigar Re-visits! Inside our notebooks, we have kept track of every cigar that the club members have ever smoked. The Vice-President and I want to go back and take a look at some of the club favorites. We will be smoking the ones we can still find, and writing reviews of them. But instead of a typical review, we will go over why we picked that cigar, what the club thought of them, and how it has influenced us cigar smokers. A year and a half is a lot of cigars so we will start with the very first month we lit them up and work our way to the current smokes. Club members will get a blast from the past, while new members will get a chance to see what we smoked in past months. We don’t always share publicly what we smoke so this will give everyone some inside knowledge of what it is like to be an Executive Club Member.

5. Speaking of ‘club members… In the pas there has been confusion on the club and if you can join, or if you are a member. We want as many people possible to be a part of our great cigar community. So we want to define the club structure a little more. So below I will explain the rank structure within the club;

Club President - SmokeStack (Joshua). Of course this is me! I handle finances and large decisions of what we smoke. I oversee the club as a whole and of course orchestrate the club meets. I regularly write articles for the website.

Club Vice President - DoubleT (Elliott). As the second in command, he helps me pick cigars and oversee the club. Although physical members may not be massive, our community and reach requires more than one person to help run things in a smooth fashion. He is the first person I go to when it comes to decisions that need to be made about the club. He also teams up with me to provide you with online content to read on a weekly basis.

Consigliere - Tony. This is a unique title that may be a little confusing. The name is Italian and was made popular by the movie The Godfather. The Consigliere is an advisor to the organization. Out of the club, he is one of the people that probably smokes the most cigars on a regular basis. And not only does he smoke many cigars, but smokes many different cigars. He is a close advisor on cigars that we may choose or look into. More about this title is to come. However he does not make decisions for the club, he is a close advisor. His club vote holds weight but is counted the same as every other member.

Club Executives - Club Executives are members of the club that go to the physical in-person meet ups. We only allow for 10 members at a time. This is to keep the club meet ups personal and intimate. Too many more people can end up becoming not as enjoyable due to, many more people trying to be in one place. This is always something we try to consider and maybe in the future more Executives will be allowed in the club, but due to the limited space we have available to meet at, 10 is our current max. Executives get to physically meet up and smoke together cigars provided by the club. These members get voting privileges when we discuss future club direction and other topics. To join the Executive members rank, there first must be an opening. There is currently a waiting list for this, and if interested reach out to me or the VP.

Club Associates - Club Associates are still club members, they just don’t get to come to the physical in-person meets. These are people that have subscribed to the website email list (to be notified when certain new articles are posted), or those part of the Facebook page. This position is not restricted by a number. Although you do not get to come to physical in-person meets, you are still a club member. You are still part of the club and encouraged to engage in conversations, posts, photos and more through social media. The more of a community we have online, the better we grow in our passion for cigars.

6. New T-Shirt Design. In our first year, we designed a t-shirt that only Club Executives got. This year, we plan on making a new shirt that will be available via a pre-sale. These shirts will have a cleaner logo on it, and brand new design. best part is that the shirt will be available to everyone, Executives and Associates. We want to represent our amazing club and cigar community. Don’t live in Indianapolis? No worries! We will even mail them to you, so that you can show off your club! These shirts won’t be until closer to summer, but it will be warm outside before you know it!

7. Charity Ride. A large number of our Club Executives are avid motorcycle riders. This year we want to host a charity ride to support a cause we greatly care about. Cigars for Warriors, is a non-profit organization that sends cigars and goods to soldiers while they are overseas. We plan on hosting a ride, to demonstrate our support for our soldiers while raising money to provide for the organization! This is something we feel strongly about, and what better way than to do it through motorcycles and cigars!

2020 was a rough year for the world. So we plan on making 2021 even better with these exciting things. You won’t see every change immediately, but as we roll out things, you will be a part of something bigger. Cigars have taught us that regardless of what is going on in the world we have things to be thankful for, things to bring us tougher with, and things to look forward to. Until then, smoke on cigar lovers.


Circle City Cigar Club President

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