Circle City Cigar Club Annual Celebration

2 years.

2 years of aged, rare and unique cigars.

2 years of amazing brother-hood and family.

2 years of the Circle City Cigar Club.

It’s crazy to think that 2 years ago this month, I sat down with the Club Vice President, Double T to create this club. We sat down and thought of what we wanted in a cigar club. A place that we could gather, relax, shoot the shit, and of course smoke a cigar. I remember the first day that someone I did not know (who is still in the club) reached out to me to join. I was ecstatic that someone else had heard about us and wanted to be a part of our club. It was a great feeling.

As time went on, the club evolved. It got more sophisticated and more exclusive. We got to the point within the first 6 months that it was completely full, and created our waiting list. To this day, there is still an ever-growing waiting list, that currently has 5 people on it, hoping for an open spot to get on the inside! Lol

This past weekend we celebrated the club rolling into its 3rd year of existence. Never in a lifetime would I see something so simple grow like it has, and keep its momentum. This month we celebrated this great feat with our Annual Club Celebration.

Everyone came over to the Presidents (me) house and had a good ole fashion cook out. Amazing mac n’ cheese, “homemade” pasta salad (inside joke), burgers, ballpark parks, and everything in between. Eating in fellowship always has been a time to really gather and share happiness. Even better, was that this was a family event. Club members brought their significant others and everyone joined in on the party.

After filling our stomachs, last year we played a few games before getting o some special gifts. This year I wanted to do something different. Rather than play a game, I wanted everyone to partake in a special experience. Something that not everyone (except for myself) had never done before.

We rolled our own cigars.

I had acquired all the right materials for everyone to be as successful as the club has been. Everyone got their own cutting board, leaf cutter, cigar mold/press, and of course tobacco. It was a blast. To really paint the picture this is how I would describe it.

I imagine gathering a group of toddlers in a room. In front of them is every shape and color of playdoh. Next, you have to show the toddlers how to make a shape out of the playdoh in a very specific order. You can imagine it would involve stopping the class multiple times to get their attention. You can imagine it would involve, having to yell at a few of the kid so focus and not talk so they don’t miss a step. In addition, of course you can imagine that someone will try to eat the playdoh.

All of these are true stories, except these were not toddlers, but grown men. Haha, man was it so much fun. By the end, everyone had worked hard to create a masterpiece of their very own. Something that they put time and effort into, and get to enjoy later. Single members were damn proud of their hard work. And they should be… they just rolled their very own cigars! Now these are not going to be picture perfect Cohibas rolled by Level 10 Roller Masters… just good old ordinary men.

However, man was it cool, watching everyone try their hardest, come out mediocre, and be damn proud.

After relocating around the fire pit, we moved into the next phase. A little speech and some certificates led to what they were waiting for...

Special gifts.

Everyone got some new custom stickers, a beefy single torch lighter pre-filled, and 2 cigars. Last year they got more cigars, but this year they were some special sticks. One was a secret hand rolled blend cigar that smokes like a champion, a favorite of mine. They actually come unbanded but I ordered some special bands for them. Then the smoke of the night? A Cuban Partagas cigar, that smokes like a traditional Cuban. It was wonderful.

As the night rolled into its finest hour, we went back to the molds that had the cigars pressed. To finish the project everyone got custom, Circle City Cigar Club bands to garnish their new trophies. I cannot wait to hear how they smoke as members try them out at a later time.

Sitting around the campfire, I could not help but notice that every member had a huge smile. Of course that was because of the fun day they had, but mostly it was because they were amongst family. Not by blood, but by leaf. Regardless of title, financial level, occupation, or background, they all were family created equal through the love of cigars.

This is what I wanted when I sat down and created this club. I wanted a place to relax, smile, and be yourself. Year 2 in the club was exceptional, but year 3 is going to be even better.

Here we come.

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