Cars and Cigars. A Sidepiece on Passion

Passion. We’ve all heard the word but have you ever sat down and thought about what it means to you?

A while back a very good friend of mine asked me what I was passionate about. It’s a long story of how that conversation came about but when I was directly asked, I drew a total blank. After all, most people don’t go around just thinking deep into their emotions on the daily basis.

For some people though these looks into ourselves are easy, they feel very strongly about many things and know how to express it. I on the other hand, am not one of those people but I knew this friend would not take “I don’t know” for an answer.

Merriam-Webster has the basic definition of passion as “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.” Enthusiasm or excitement is what stood out to me in their definition, which led me to video games, cars, and cigars. This article is about two of those things but I included them all because to me, that excitement is what really defines a passion and it is what is the easiest indicator of someone else’s.

Have you ever been having a conversation and bring up some seemingly random topic, like a movie or something, and you see the person you’re talking to just light up? Their whole expression changes and they start talking faster and with much more confidence. It’s very clear you just opened up another level of this conversation that you probably weren’t prepared for. But here’s the thing, do your best not to let them know that. There is hardly a worse feeling than when you start talking about something you really care about and the other person just stares at you and judges how you’re such a nerd or a dork for knowing so much about something. We’re all in this thing called life together so who cares if someone loves Harry Potter or model trains? If it makes you happy then be proud of what you enjoy and don’t let anyone shame you for it.

Okay, that took a bit of a side track but it’s all related to the main theme I’m trying to get at with this article. That point is that it is so important to have a passion in your life to share things with other like-minded people. I mentioned in an older article once about why I smoke cigars and my biggest reason was the brotherhood that came with it. After going to a car show the other weekend and having a nice cigar, I realized it wasn’t just cigars that brought on this feeling.

All these different ideas or activities or what have you are all the same, just with different material.

For instance, if I were to mention at the car show that I saw a numbers matching car with an overhead cam inline 6 and a 4 barrel with a patina paint job, those people would know exactly what I’m talking about. Now, if I mentioned to them I smoked an Ecuadorian Robusto Puro with a Maduro wrapper, they would think I was speaking in tongues.

This is what I mean though, the passions may be different but they really are all the same. It’s so nice to be able to share something like that with total strangers and best friends. It brings us all closer as humans and personally, I think that’s amazing.

Oh wait, this is a cigar club page. Guess at some point I should describe the cigar I had at the car show.

I had a Plasencia Alma Fuerte. It was a phenomenal stick and was incredibly smooth throughout the whole smoke. The Alma Fuerte is a Nicaraguan Puro with tobacco aged over a 10 year period like the rest of the Alma line. It gave off wonderful tastes of chocolate, cinnamon, and oak

throughout the entire time I was smoking it. The smoke that billowed off this stick was bright and white and smelled like your grandfather’s cabin. I don’t know how exactly to describe that smell but whatever you imagine is probably right.

That might be one of the shorter actual reviews I’ve done but this article was meant to be more than just a cigar review. I wasn’t really thinking about the cigar I was smoking, more so about the atmosphere and moment I was living.

I challenge you, reader, to look into yourself and find what you are truly passionate about as well.

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