Bad Days & Bubble Baths

Not going to lie, yesterday I had a really rough day at work. I got reprimanded for something I felt I shouldn’t have. I dealt with some crummy staffing issues, and of course all while being the fill-in supervisor while the regular supervisor was scheduled off. Not a great day.

So in my extremely grumpy mood I see a text.

I look down at my phone… its a text message from one of the text groups I am in. I’ve got a group for just my co-workers. There’s a separate text thread with other supervisors at my job. I have a text group of just family members. Then there is a text thread with my best friend and his significant other, created so we can try to plan a couples date.

But this one is completely different.

I barely glance and I can see that it’s a photo.

I look a little closer and it’s one of my cigar club members… he’s shirtless, taking a foamy bubbly bath, and a cigar hanging out of his mouth. he’s soaking up this bubble bath in a picture next to Al Pacino doing the same. I don’t know what was funnier. The fact that he was comparing himself to the one and only Al Pacino, or if it was because he actually sent us all a photo for him taking a bubble bath!!!

I should’ve known, when I saw a photo that it would be a club member!

I laughed. I laugh so hard that I nearly choke on my own spit.

But I saw that text and immediately had a level of joy and happiness fill my heart.

I created the cigar club to give other cigar smokers a group of people to light one up with. I created the club so that I could get the chance to curate and provide unique cigars for people. I created the cigar club for so many reasons… most for ‘the club.’

But today I was reminded that the club is so much more. Today the club was created for me. It was created to give me a group of amazing gentlemen that are there for each other whether they know it or not. Far too often we find ourselves caught in a rut. Stuck in a place where we put up walls and let ourselves drag our morale down.

But this is where the club comes into place. It’s not just a place to hang with guys and smoke a cigar. It’s a place to share stories, gripe about the world, ask questions you would normally feel weird asking, and most importantly a place to forget about everything.

See in the club we have members from multiple different ethnicities, different professions, multiple levels of financial stability, masters degrees and trade schools, young and old, bearded scraggly faces and baby smooth cheeks that can’t grow anything, and a multitude of political parties.

But in the end, no one cares. Not a single one cares if you’re voting for Trump, Biden, or writing in Kanye (well lets hope not him haha). No one asks you as you walk in what your net worth consists of. Not a single member will look at you and judge you based on the color of your skin, the money in your wallet, or even your knowledge base of cigars.


Because cigars bring people together. Cigars act as the glue that holds a strong common bond amongst these amazing men.

The world needs to find that band and use it to hold everything together. As crappy as this year has been, it’s so important to have some structure to rely upon for strength.

Whether this member knew it or not, this photo sent to me changed my mood, my attitude, and my day.

Not sure if I’ve ever been this happy to get sent a picture of a grown man and Al Pacino taking a bubble bath! Lol.

Now excuse me as I go take a bubble bath of my own…

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