An Eclipse You Actually Should Look Directly At

The natural world is crazy. We have mountains that spew molten rock, the Northern Lights, and lakes that turn pink. One of the easiest natural phenomena to witness is an eclipse. Of course those are when the moon is directly in between the Earth and sun and blocks the sun. These are rather rare events and usually grab a lot of people’s attention. So if you want to make a cigar have a similar affect, you might as well call it something similar right?

That’s what Zeal Cigars did with their cigar, “The Liga Eclipse.” The Eclipse comes unbanded and fits its name with a light and dark barber pole wrapper. If you’re wondering why such a nice cigar doesn’t have a band on it, it is because the Eclipse is actually one of Zeal’s house brands so you can only buy it from them. This wrapper does more than just look cool too, the different wrappers come together to make a very unique and complex flavor.

To start off, the Eclipse smells wonderful right out of the gate. It gives off a light, chocolatey, sweet smell but not like the infused cigars. More of a natural sweetness. This scent manifests itself from the initial light where the Eclipse begins with a very light cedar flavor. Despite the other wrapper being a Maduro, the flavor never gets very harsh. Instead it stays quite mellow throughout the smoke and the Maduro compliments the cedar flavor with a dark chocolate or black coffee flavor to it.

Smoking the Eclipse if just as much a pleasure as looking at it. This cigar gives of billows of white smoke even when you aren’t dragging on it. While the Eclipse might come with some blemishes and imperfections, it doesn’t affect its integrity. The cigar holds its ash like a champ and I only had to touch it up a few times.

At around 5 bucks a pop these unbanded house sticks might not grab your attention if it weren’t for that unique wrapper, but after smoking one I would absolutely grab one off Zeal’s shelves. Hell I’d probably even pay twice that if they wanted.

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