A Simply Gray(t) Smoke

Most cigar smokers, from amateurs to pros, have heard of the Mexican San Andres leaf. It is a flexible and leathery leaf commonly used as a wrapper and filler in many cigars. Due to its high fermentation temperature it also makes an incredible Maduro wrapper. It is grown in one area, the San Andres Valley in Mexico, and almost exclusively grown by one family in Mexico. The A. Turrent family has been growing this tobacco since about 1880.

While the San Andres leaf is widely used, rarely is it the showcase of a cigar. More often than not, the leaf is overpowered by filler and simply used for its aesthetics as a wrapper.

However, one man decided the San Andres leaf deserved more than just being a pretty face. Dr. Gaby Kafie, who avid readers will remember from this previous article ( made it his mission to craft a cigar that brings attention directly to the San Andres leaf as a Maduro wrapper. Dr. Kafie created the Gray Wolf to do just that.

Named after the Mexican Gray Wolf, this cigar is made with a very light Honduran filler and a closed foot to make sure the wrapper is the star of the smoke. This makes sure you are solely lighting the wrapper first, and the filler won’t overpower it which brings out the phenomenal flavors of the San Andres Maduro wrapper.

Most members noted the Wolf had a slightly tight draw, which is to be expected since it is a smaller ring gauge but tightly built. However, everyone also agreed this was a fantastic smoke giving off strong flavors of caramel and leather while giving off crazy amounts of smoke.

My little review book can be seen here, and yes I know it leaves some to be desired but hey I was busy enjoying this great smoke so be happy with what ya got.

On the other hand, President Smokestack's review is more of what we all can aspire to be.

Overall the Gray Wolf was an incredible smoke and really showed how great craftsmanship can completely change the flavor profile of a cigar. I feel confident saying the Kafie Gray Wolf is a certified Circle City Cigar Club recommendation for anyone who enjoys a great quality smoke.

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