2 Fast 2 Furi-Moose

For those of you who have been around the Club for a long time or are avid article readers, you may recognize something slightly familiar about this stick. No, we haven’t had it as a Club before but that band looks sort of familiar right? Well here’s why.

This is the Chillin’ Moose Too by the Foundry Tobacco Co. What might seem familiar to some of you is the very first article I wrote was over the original Chillin’ Moose. Back in April of 2020. The original Moose was a very nice budget cigar, nothing fancy, but also not the worst thing I’ve smoked.

The Moose Too follows in those footsteps…or…hoof-steps….sorry, by keeping the price point low but the value high.

The Moose Too is a completely different blend from the original Moose and boasts a bolder flavor profile from its mainly Nicaraguan blend. The big flavor profiles from the Moose Too are darker in nature than the original Moose, pulling out flavors such as cocoa, a little bit of spice, and some cedar.

This cigar did get some mixed reviews from the Club Executives though. Being a budget stick (less than $10 apiece) there are bound to be some bad apples in the bunch. For the majority of the Club, the Moose Too smoked very smoothly, held together, and overall was a damn good cheap stick.

However, a couple members did get some of the “iffy” cigars. The President and another member both had very tight draws, couldn’t keep the cigar lit, and it even started falling apart on the President. Unfortunately, when you mass produce a ton of cigars and market them at a budget price, these outliers are bound to happen.

Besides the craftsmanship issues, the overall consensus on flavor was the same. Everyone said they would absolutely smoke the Moose Too again, even with some falling apart. We did a little Club review on these with each member filling out their own rating sheet, and the average rating from the Club was an 82/100. And most of the points knocked off were simply from the construction issues.

I know personally I have had WAY worse cigars at the same price point as the Moose so I too would purchase these to smoke again. The Moose Too is a great, easy smoke that packs enough flavor to keep you interested but won’t break the bank.

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