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The name says it all. From time to time, the Circle City Cigar Club President and Vice President will get together to RESMOKE an old favorite. These will be cigars that anyone can get access to, that the club had gotten in a previous month.

A lot of time is spent in picking the cigars we provide for the club. So this is a chance to revisit those classics, talk about why we chose them, and of course review them!

So make sure to go grab the stick, light it up, and join the Presidential Table so to speak as we dive into old favorites!

CAO Pilon

Original Club Release Date : 12/12/19

Check out that date! The club got their hands on this cigar all the way back in December of 2019! This stick is named after the unique way cigars are cured. The Presidential Duo got together to smoke this old time favorite. Make sure to click the image to be taken to the article. But before you do, go grab one for yourself and smoke along!