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2021 Longest Ash Contest

 Registration is completely closed! With a full event, it will be one heck of a competition. Good luck everyone!!


The Circle City Cigar Club is hosting its 3rd Annual Longest Ash Contest. This will be another exciting event to test your skills as a cigar smoker. Everyone is welcomed to compete in this event! The winner of this years event will win over $300 worth of cigars, prizes, shirts, and so much more! Check out the photos below of last years event and click the SIGN UP button to register! Spots are limited to don't wait for too long!

Adam's technique
Everyone is welcome!
Club VP trying his hardest
Tom's pleased with his progress
Competition is strong
All about the technique
"That head tilt"






The Circle City Cigar Club is the premier Indianapolis based Cigar Club. A group of amazing like-minded people, that share a single passion, cigars. Regardless of your knowledge, experience, or cigar collection, every single person is a valuable member. We like to smoke rare, aged, and unique cigars. Not the everyday brands you find at your brick and mortar.

Interested in becoming a member? We have two kinds of members:

Executive Club Members: These members meet up twice a month to smoke a rare, aged, and unique cigar!

Associate Club Members: These members are considered part of the club nut only through social media sites. Post, comment, and interact on Facebook, Instagram, or here on the website!


Best purge ever
Smoke smoke smoke
Camping + Cigars
1st Annual Longest Ash

President :


As the President of the Circle City Cigar Club, Joshua is the go to guy. Every month he curates a selection of cigars that intrigue the every day smoker, and fascinate the new beginner. As an avid traveler, he collects cigars from all over the world. Often bringing some back exclusively for the club! If he's not kicking his feet up with the guys and a cigar, he is hiking, backpacking, and seeing the world. Super laid back, and a fun guy, Joshua gets along with just about everyone! He may not be the to expert in cigars, he is however one of the most passionate cigar smokers you'll meet!

McCormicks Creek-2

Vice President :

Brian - DOUBLE T

As the Vice President of the Circle City Cigar Club, Brian is the man to talk to. Every month he helps curate some of the best cigars you can find. When not smoking a stogie, he's riding his motorcycle 'Tuna' or driving his crazy fast, super charged VW Golf. Guaranteed to crack a joke, and lighten the mood, he's probably one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet. Fast cars, motorcycles, video games, and of course cigars are the name of the game.